Purchasing IP Quota

A procedure for IP Quota purchasing has been implemented. You can now buy extra internet quota in a similar fashion to the way you buy print quota. The form needs to be obtained from the Helpdesk, extra quota needs to be paid for at the University Cashier and the receipt returned to the Helpdesk for quota allocation and update.

The cost is $1 per 40Mb of IP Quota.

Unlike print quota purchasing, there exist limitations and conditions:

  • Students may only purchase additional quota in multiples of 40Mb.
  • Each session, students may purchase no more than the original allocation of Session IP Quota provided to them for study purposes by CSE. This includes any purchased quota rolled over from the previous session. For quotas not divisible by 40, the original allocation will be rounded up to the next multiple of 40Mb. Thus, at most, students will only be permitted to double their original Session IP quota.
  • Details on your purchased quota, and the amount that you are able to purchase can be found by running the priv ipq_explain command.
  • If any student has a legitimate, study related reason for using more than their original allocation, then they should get an appropriate academic to e-mail SS verifying the need, and requesting the increase. This increase will be added to the student's original Session IP Quota provided by CSE.
  • If a student wants more access to the internet than is provided by the school, and than can be bought from UNSW, they should consider using a commercial ISP. The School of CSE, and indeed the whole of UNSW, receives a discount rate for internet usage on the condition that this usage be mostly for educational purposes.

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